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Wellness Mastery

Online Course

Your blueprint to the healthiest, happiest version of YOU

What You Get Inside:


44+ lessons with downloadable resources, heart work, mini challenges, PDF's and so much more!

Ebooks: Mighty Macros Tool-box , 30 Day Mindful Eating Journal AND my Digital Cook Book with healthy cooking tips, meal planners, grocery lists, recipe cards and more!

BONUS! 12 week Starting Fat Loss Program

Lifetime Access to community and all the materials! - this means as this course is constantly being updated every week. YOU get access to the new material FOR LIFE.


  • Module 1. Your Roadmap 

    We believe in this strategy - LEARN, IMPLEMENT, INTEGRATE. This course is self paced and we are constantly uploading new lessons and resources each week. In this module we’ll walk you through exactly what to expect inside of the course.

  • Module 2. Un-Hijack Your Current Conditioning 

    In order to step into the 2.0 version of YOU, you must leave behind the old belief system that’s been holding you back and step into the identity of the person you want to become. To be her, you must show up like her every single day. Inside this module I am going to take you through science backed brain exercises to help you unwire and rewire new neural pathways in your brain so you have no other choice but to step into this new identity.

  • Module 3. The Macro Mindset 

    Step into your NEW identity as a Conscious Consumer and never feel tricked by sneaky food labels ever again! In this module, I fully equipped you with all of the knowledge you need to make healthy choices around food.

  • Module 4. What The Gut

    The brain to gut connection. 

    There is a balance of mind, body and spirit to maintain optimal vitality. The concept of regaining balance to maintain optimal vitality closely applies to the microbiome.

  • Module 5. My Chemical Free Home

    Live a greener life through low toxic sustainable living

    This module is methodically designed to fully detox every room in your home. From eliminating toxic substances to reducing EMF – Electromagnetic Field Radiation exposure, we got you and your family covered! 

  • Module 6. Biohacking 101

    Creating awareness inside of your body. 

    Biohacking is about optimizing the human body to achieve more than conventional society thinks it can. In this module, I teach you specific modalities to start optimizing your own body and mind.

  • Module 7. Movement Medicine

    In this module I teach you all about Movement Medicine and different modalities you can use to connect with your mind, body and spirit through your own sensory channels.

  • Module 8. All Things Essential Oils

    Essential oils is something we recommend and talk about a lot inside of K FIT. That is because Essential oils are one of the most powerful antidotes to optimal vitality. We prefer to take a natural approach to healing and there are limitless blends you can use for a variety of symptoms you may be experiencing.

    Each module is stacked with mini challenges, heart work – because nobody likes homework 😉, downloadable resources and worksheets! 

    AND you get LIFETIME access to all the material 😍

The day I told myself I was worth the investment was the day I hired Kami. I’ve since learned with certainty that I am, in fact, worth it. Kami is worth it. And, so are you reading this.

Brittany Waninger

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